EGS Remote Access Assistance


Please note that every second Sunday of each month is reserved for maintenance and upgrades between 12:01am and 6:00am EST.

If you are having issues logging into this system please read the Remote Access FAQs prior to contacting the EGS Help Desk at (800) 709-8665 or (215) 441-2200.

Login Requirements

  1. You MUST have an approved Operating System (Only supported, updated and patched versions).
    1. You must have recent patches and service packs. Visit
    2. For some client programs, other operating systems that may be supported are: Linux (various versions and flavors but not all), Mac (up to and including Snow Leopard), and some mobile platforms.
  2. You MUST have a valid Anti-Virus package installed and updated.
  3. You MUST have a personal firewall installed and updated.
  4. You MUST utilize the latest version of a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari are supported).
  5. Certain client programs, functions and features may require additional OS and workstation controls.
  6. ONLY EGS-owned equipment (such as a desktop or laptop) will be permitted Network Connect access.



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